Stem Cell Banking Made Simple (1 min video)

Press Release

Community Cord Blood Banking emerges as a life saver

LifeCell Community Cord Blood Bank saves a seven-year-old Girl from aplastic anaemia

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Source and Uses of Stem Cells

Stem cells are tiny cells with great potential & have the ability to save lives.

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Cord Blood Banking

Your baby’s umbilical cord blood (aka Cord blood) is a rich source of stem cells. It’s collected at birth and used to treat nearly 80+ potentially life-threatening diseases. Thus, by banking them, you’ll be ensuring a healthy future for your baby.



A woman's health is essential to the good health of her baby. Women who eat well and exercise regularly along with regular prenatal care are less likely to have complications during pregnancy. They're also more likely to successfully give birth to a healthy baby.

Ensure that you prepare well during pregnancy to welcome your baby home with good health and happiness


It may seem crazy that the baby you have been waiting for has finally arrived.

While you welcome your baby home, as a first step, learn all about your baby's health to ensure a safe start & a long and healthy life ahead.